Chief Financial Officer

Financial information is the lifeblood for making business decisions. Setting up accounting systems and processes to accurately capture all of your business activity is Nexxus' specialty. Our CPA will train your in house Controller, Accountant, Bookkeeper, or Office Manager on how to administer the system. Nexxus is the financial resource entrepreneurs and managers can turn to. Call to strategize on growing your business.


CFO service is billed at $160 per hour

Happy Couple

Trustee Services

Think of the progeny

Whether you want to ensure your young family lives comfortably after an unfortunate event, or leave a legacy for your progeny, Nexxus will ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend. 

Trustee Service

0.7% of trust fund assets per year

with $2000 minimum annual fee

Business Brokering

Nexxus can help existing businesses expand their operations through horizontal or vertical integration. For entrepreneurs ready to enjoy their grandchildren and focus on their golf game, we can help you sell your business. Nexxus also works with those ready to take the leap of faith into business ownership buy their first business. Nexxus has the knowledge and experience to get your transaction closed.

Business brokering commission

Sale Price                     Commission

$4,000,000 or less     10% of sale price

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Property Management

Make money while you sleep

Keep the benefits of being a property owner and outsource all of the headaches. Residential or commercial property owners can rest peacefully knowing that they are in compliance with the ever increasing burdens placed upon them by legislature. Rick Raich Real Estate Services has provided property management for over 40 years and has seen this valley turn from orchards to the Silicon Valley it is today. Rick Raich and Nexxus team will ensure that your assets are leased and that your rental income is flowing.

Visit property management website

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Capital Management

Put your capital to work

Nexxus offers vehicles for those looking for principal protection, and a healthy return on their money. Nexxus will pay interest for the use of your capital. Get truly passive income by letting Nexxus take the investment risk while giving you a guaranteed rate of return.

Minimum principal of $10,000 per contract